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Electric Stair Trolley

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Product Detail

    RH-11A Electric Stair Trolley

    • Robust and compact size
    • Can be used at home and in medical facilities
    • One year manufacturer's warranty
    • Aluminum Alloy foldable stair trolley
    • lithium battery

    The main use of high-rise buildings stair stretcher transfer of goods up and down stairs,only one person can use.A unique track structure,convenient and safe when the stretcher down the stairs. Stretcher with a total of four wheels for easy moving on the ground.It is made of high-strength aluminum alloy materials.

    The stair trolley is battery operated using a key to turn it on and off. It has adjustable handrails that makes it easy to operate on stairs and on the ground. It is robust, compact and easy to keep clean.

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