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Adjustable Scoop Stretcher

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    RHY-DS2 Scoop Stretcher

    The stretcher could fix the patients at origin place which could reduce the further hurt to the patients.It’s a separating-type emergency stretcher to transfer catagmatic or serious patients.The patient can be quickly put in the stretcher and also the stretcher can be taken out from the back of the patient without moving the patient.This product is made of high-strength stainless steel materials.

    A scoop stretcher has a structure that can be split vertically into two parts, with shaped 'blades' towards the centre which can be brought together underneath a patient. The two halves are placed separately either side of the patient, and then brought together until securing clips at the top and bottom both engage.

    The scoop stretcher can be used for patient transport, provided the patient is strapped.It can reduce the chance of undesirable movement of injured areas during transfer of a trauma patient, as they maintain the patient in a supine alignment during transfer to a stretcher.

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